The Raw Photograph

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Although you see that many claim they get the correct exposure on the fly, but in the realm of creative photography there is no such thing like “correct exposure”. If it is then it simply means ‘one to one” mapping of luminous information which could be probably the best candidate for forensic lab or for... Read More

Self-hosted WordPress

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Having a full featured e-Commerce website is one of the most essential tools for all artists who want to sell their artwork mainly prints and digital downloads online. There are already a lot of good communities or image hosting companies like SmugMug or PhotoSeller or many others who do all the work for you to... Read More

Keyword Essentials

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Keywords are what lie in the heart of metadata which makes your images available to the search engines. The concept of keyword may go across all kinds electronic files but the fundamentals of keywording remain the same. Properly keyworded photographs will benefit you in many different ways. Eventually the idea of keyword takes you to... Read More